Thursday, November 10, 2011

Children Feel 11:11 Energy Too!

A beloved teacher of mine from the Ramakrishnananda Vedanta Mission in New York once told me, "It doesn't matter if you believe; it just is..." This is so true in much of our existence here... And very much so with the powerful vibrational energy that will be unseen, but felt, on 11:11 and definitely in the upcoming year.

We tend to focus on what we as adults feel and believe, often forgetting that our children stand by, quiet and ignored, their sensitive channels wide open to the powerful loving energies pouring down around them, overwhelmed with no explanation...and no way to express or understand what they are feeling.

Even if you or your little beloved have no idea what a crystal child or indigo child 'is' or exactly what this dimensional shift doesn't matter. The energy still radiates out and touches us all. Our children will know that something feels different. Very aware and intuitive children will be even more sensitive to the higher vibrations.

You may notice that children are more grumpy, fatigued, or fussy. Sleep may be restless and vivid or disturbing dreams may occur. They may experience headaches, digestive discomforts, or unexplainable achiness. Appetites may be abnormal. Unexplainable anxiety due to the high vibration of energy they feel could make them more clingy than usual. Older children may become reclusive and quiet. Make sure you seek them out if this happens, letting them know they are loved and an important part of the family unit.

Many children may recieve memories of past lives that appear to them as a dream. Very young toddlers, where the veil is still so thin, a random thought or memory may be spoken just in passing. Make sure you are paying attention! Soul group partners and Starseeds often reveal themselves in this manner.

Patience is the operative word of the day! If you are feeling these energies, know that your children are feeling them three-fold! Even if you are aware of these ascension symptoms, the high vibrational level can make you anxious and fatigued, escalating the negative in your home. Be meditative. Include your children when you discuss these things. Let them know it is a positive shift and that your body will adjust. Use common sense as know your child and yourself. If unusual symptoms surface that you are worried about, put your mind at ease by visiting your family physician.

Quiet moments in Nature, soothing music, soft conversational voices, all contribute to a beautiful experience with one another during this dimensional shift. But especially now, the most important thing, love, love!!

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